Haley Hayward

A Dog Outing

I decided last week spring was officially here. I put on my flip flops, grabbed my boyfriend and my dog's leash, and off we went. It was our first big outing of the year, and it was Maggie's first time... Continue Reading →

Silent Film

Here is a silent film I helped create along with Sean Guezen, Janelle Hulme, and Abbi Guse. Click here and enjoy!      

My Prediction For the Future of the Media

I'm saying it now, the future is YouTube. Not unlike almost everyone I know, I grew up watching television. Over the last five years or so, my consumption of traditional media has slowed, and I've turned to the internet for... Continue Reading →

The Royal Manitoba Winter Fair

Last Friday I got to go to the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair in Brandon, MB. It met my expectations of large crowds, cute farm animals, and SuperDogs. I can now say I've seen a cow getting its butt wiped and... Continue Reading →

“He was a one-hander.”

This blog post is about Matt Richtel's A Deadly Wandering. Spoilers Ahead.   I want to start with the book as a whole. I realized about 100 pages in that this book is about attention. Not just the story (that... Continue Reading →

Live Lava Listen

To Mitchell Davis, the Andy Warhol with a better sense of humour,  I'm Haley Hayward. I don't know if you've noticed me over the last nine years, but I've been watching your YouTube videos since 2008. I was there for... Continue Reading →

Traveling Manitoba

A few weeks ago I got to take a trip to Souris, Manitoba for the first time. Never did I think a college course would let me go on a day trip to a small town in Manitoba, but I've... Continue Reading →

Clothing On Dogs: Yes or No?

Have you ever seen someone walking their dog down the street, but the poor little thing is wearing a hot pink sweater? This could be more beneficial than you think. According to a BBC article from 2012, the pet clothing... Continue Reading →

So What Can Your Dog Eat?

Everybody knows that dogs can't eat chocolate, but are there any other foods you shouldn't feed to your pet? Yes. Are there any substitutes for these foods that are safe for your pets? Yes. Gum One thing you might not realize... Continue Reading →

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