Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue (MMDR) takes in abandoned, abused, and/or surrendered animals. They rely fully on volunteers who work towards bettering the lives of any animal that comes their way.

One way they help animals get adopted is by holding adoption fairs. This is a way for MMDR to show all of the amazing animals they have available for adoption. Anyone is free to come and meet the animals.

Here is a look into one of these fairs.


A puppy waiting for his possible future adopter.


Jennie Malloy meets Waffle for the first time. Waffle is a shy and quite girl, but she never says no to some pats.

Below, John Malloy, Jennie’s son, meets Waffle.


Below, Virginia gets up close and personal with the camera. She is a curious girl who just had nine puppies.


Here are a few more of the types of friendly faces who would love to meet you at the next adoption fair.


For more information on MMDR, you can visit their website, or any of their social media accounts. All links are below.

Also, here is a video highlighting Sammy Mar, a dog trainer and behaviouralist. She does amazing work for MMDR and work with animals from all over Manitoba.

MMDR’s website.

MMDR’s Facebook.

MMDR’s Twitter.

MMDR’s YouTube.