My blog has always been a mashup of posts that don’t really have a set subject. Last semester I tried to narrow down its theme by focusing on dogs and art, but looking back at my website, I don’t see a cohesive blog. I’ve decided to find something completely different to write about. I’m creating promotional videos for Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue Inc. for a professional project, and taking part in a class surrounding the Winnipeg Humane Society, so I do a lot of work around dogs already. I’m using so much of my brain power while focusing on these projects, and I want to execute them well. Trying to create extra content on this subject is proving to be harder than I expected. If I overload myself with this topic, I feel I might ruin it for myself, and for my projects. So instead of over-doing the subject of dogs, I want to switch the subject of this blog over to something else. I have a feeling this switch will make me happier, and give my blog a new theme to focus on.



So, what is a soundtrack?

A soundtrack is all the music you hear while watching a movie. Sometimes it’s songs created specifically for said movie, or it’s existing music that a music supervisor chooses for a film. Either way, it’s very common for a film to include a soundtrack. I actually don’t think I’ve heard of a movie that doesn’t have one. Let’s do some research just to be sure.

“Are there any movies without a soundtrack?”

Results: Yes, there are.

Here’s a list of three movies that are considered to have no soundtrack (or a non-musical score), in case you were interested.

  1. The Birds
  2. Dog Day Afternoon
  3. Reservoir Dogs

You can check out this link to find more movies like this.

Now that I’ve answered that question, lets move onto films that DO have soundtracks.

Now, I’ve always been obsessed with movies. It started with animated movies when I was a kid, and it has moved onto every genre under the sun now that I am an adult. Something I found in common with every movie I’ve seen is they leave me with an emotion once the credits come on. Sometimes this emotion is simple. For example. the movie Titanic leaves me feeling sad (but in a good way, I love that movie), and the movie Matilda leaves me feeling happy. Those are feelings you can describe in one word. Other movies leave me feeling something more complicated.

The Breakfast Club leaves me feeling happy and sad at the same time, with a little bit of teenage angst mixed in. If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t, go and watch it. Every time the song Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds comes on, that feeling comes rushing into my brain. Or when I hear the Love Theme, it makes me think about when I used to stare longingly at the back of my crush’s head when he sat in front of me in grade 12 math class instead of listening to my teach (sorry Mr.Hudson). PS, that crush became my boyfriend, and we’ve been dating ever since, in case you were wondering. Another thing about soundtracks is if I asked another person what the BC’s soundtrack makes them feel, I’m sure they’d have a different answer. That’s the amazing thing about music, everyone experiences it differently.

So the future of this blog is soundtracks. I’ll be exploring scores from many different genres of movies, and I hope to learn something new along the way.