Today is the last day of my third semester at Red River College. As happy as I am to be finished classes for 2017, I can’t help but feel paranoid about an assignment I forgot to hand in. I’ve double checked my agenda, I’ve asked my classmates, but the fear is still there. There’s nothing I can do but have faith in that fact that I’ve handed everything in and I’m ready to start my work placement. I wanted my final scheduled blog post to be something that can take my mind off school and into the future. Christmas is just around the corner, and one of my favourite parts of Christmas as a child (and now) are Christmas crafts. So let me introduce you to some of my favourite holiday activities that are sure to bring you and your family/friends joy over these winter months.

Floral Foam and Cloves

You know that weird green foam your grandma has in her garage? It’s called floral foam, and it’s meant for gardening, but my grandmother always had cone shapes ready for us around Christmas. We would stick dried cloves into the cone, to represent the ornaments on a Christmas tree. If you love the smell of a new pine Christmas tree, then you’ll love these decorative pieces of foam. You can pick a piece of foam up at your local craft or hardware store. cc2babfeb39d2ee98adee9a25350bf4e--floral-foam-christmas-tree-decorations


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Imagine this piece of foam with a bunch of dried cloves stuck in it. Smells great and looks pretty cute.

Wooden Christmas Ornaments

My mother is famous for her craft room. In our home we always have a section of our house dedicated to crafts. During Christmas we always expand the crafts to the kitchen table so everyone can participate. One of our favourite crafts was (and still is) painting little wooden Christmas ornaments. You can pick a set of these up at your local craft store, and sometimes dollar stores.


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Gingerbread Houses

This is a classic holiday craft. I’m sure most people have made a gingerbread house in their lifetime, but not everyone wants to spend the time or the money on a huge extravagant house. One thing my family did when I was little was buy a bunch of bulk candy to use for decoration. We would then whip up some homemade icing, and use graham crackers to build our gingerbread houses. Now I know graham crackers aren’t technically gingerbread, but when you have over 15 kids in your extended family you’ll want to substitute cheap graham crackers for expensive gingerbread kits too. Go over to your local bulk food store (like Bulk Barn) and you’ll find all the ingredients you need to make a cheap (but fun and tasty) craft.


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