Having a pet is a huge responsibility. There are many factors that go into keeping an animal safe and healthy. From dogs to fish, every pet is a living creature and he/she deserves to be treated as such.

Jenna Marbles, one of my favourite internet influencers, posted a video to her YouTube channel on Wednesday, November 15, about buying her first fish. She then took the video down after commenters informed her about the mistakes she made while getting and settling her fish in their new tank. She had the best intentions when buying these fish, and she just wanted to give them a loving and comfortable home. She is a vegan and cares A LOT about all animals. She posted a video today (Friday, November 17) explaining why she took the video down, and how she has learned from the experience.

I’ll give you the video link here, but she explains how she was wrong not to research having fish before she bought them, and that the pet store employee wrongly informed her about the proper care and equipment for her fish. She has admitted her mistakes, and takes full responsibility for her actions, and has since returned the fish to the pet store because she didn’t want to keep them in an environment that was hurting them. The main issue was she had a circle tank, but circle tanks have been known to cause many issues for fish. Fish do much better in rectangular tanks. There were other issues as well but I’ll let you watch the video to learn more about her experience.

She did a very responsible thing by admitting her mistake and using this experience to teach others who are thinking of buying their own fish. Fish take a lot of prep work in order for them to acclimate to their new environment. I feel for Jenna and I hope she recovers from this experience a stronger and more informed pet owner. I know she can do an amazing job taking care of fish. She has three dogs and a hamster, and her and her boyfriend Julien Solomita are the best pet parents for these animals. I wish she didn’t have to go through this experience, and I hope she feels better about it soon. It’s genuinely refreshing to see someone care so much about the wellbeing of all animals, and I know Jenna will continue being an amazing pet owner.

Moving on from this situation, I wanted to list some great resources for all pet owners, future and present, If there is anything I learned from Jenna’s experience it’s that the responsible thing to do is be informed. Our pets love us unconditionally, and we should do the same.

Taylor Nicole Dean: She has many animals, and she makes great videos explaining how to care for them all. She has fish, reptiles, amphibians, rodents, and more.

Jenna Marbles: She has three dogs and a hamster. She has made a video on the proper care for all, including dog teeth and ear cleaning, and her experience buying a hamster.

Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue: This is a local animal rescue that helps fit you with the right animal.

Vet Ranch: This is a animal shelter located in Texas. The videos focus on the saving of animals that come into their clinic. I have found these videos genuinely useful in learning how to care for cats and dogs.