This week I had the chance to visit Sammy Mar at Ruff House Boarding Kennel and Training Centre. I interviewed her about her business, and the work she does for Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue (MMDR). I filmed her and her many animals, but I specifically focused on her dogs and cats. You can watch this footage in an upcoming video on the MMDR YouTube channel.

Since I’m saving the dogs and cats for a video, I wanted to share some of Sammy’s other animals on my blog. I thought I was only going to meet some of her furry friends, but I was delighted to meet a few animals of a different breed. Sammy owns multiple snakes and spiders, which are the types of creatures to be considered scary by most. I will admit, I am very afraid of spiders, but snakes I can handle. I was a little worried to meet the critters, but I quickly learned my fear was unnecessary.

This is my mother attempting to hold Bananas the snake.


Bananas was very sweet. I was lucky enough to hold him at one point, but I was too preoccupied to document it. Snakes feel very strange when you hold them. You can feel all their muscles working together at once when they move along your arm. You would think with snakes being cold-blooded, he would be cold, but he felt very warm, soft, and smooth.


This is Sammy’s partner Joey. He is holding both Bananas and Venom. Venom is also very nice, despite his name.


This is one of Sammy’s spiders. As you can see I couldn’t get a great picture of her. She’s tucked away inside a web she has made inside her cage.


This is the other spider I met. She wasn’t allowed out of her cage like the snakes because she has just finished molting. A spider molts its skin just like a snake does. It’s kind of like when you peel the shell off a hard boiled egg, except the shell grows back after a while. When the shell of the spider falls off, the spiders skin underneath is very soft and fragile (like an egg). After time, a stronger outer layer grows. Since this spider’s outer “shell” had just fallen off, she was too fragile to handle, but very pretty to look at.

If you want to learn more about Sammy Mar and the work that she does, you can visit her website here. She does amazing work with so many animals, and it was an amazing experience to get to know her and her business better.