Over the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Jon Ljungberg. For those who don’t know him, he is a Winnipeg television personality. He used to host Breakfast Television on Citytv when it was still around.

He has been drawing his whole life, and making caricatures since the 80’s. He drew my boyfriend and I in the span of about twenty minutes. He had a small table set up at the Silver Heights Restaurant on Saturday, October 14, 2017. At first he seemed like another bar attendee, but after noticing a large desk lamp and a pile of markers on his table instead of popcorn and beer, I knew this was something different.

He greeted us with a smile and asked us what activity we wanted to be doing in the picture. We immediately answered “Listening to music on vinyl.”

He proceeded to draw each of us, while getting into the different types of music we all like to listen to. I’m more of a Zeppelin girl, John (my boyfriend) is a Beatles and Stones man, and Jon (The Artist) prefers the Beatles too.

We didn’t realize he was using the information we were telling him to add detail to the drawing. He is a natural. It was an exciting surprise, and we both laughed at as soon as we noticed the records we are holding in the picture. The experience was very fun and I know I’ll keep this drawing forever. It’s already hanging in a frame.

If you ever get the chance to have your caricature drawn by Ljungberg, make sure you do it. It’s well worth it.