Five months have come and past, and we’re back at school again. I wondered over the summer what would become of my blog. I knew I would continue it, but I wasn’t sure of the theme. Well, it’s going to be a mix of a few of my favourite things. Animals and art.


horse barnpeacockseal

These are a few photos I took at the Assiniboine Park Zoo a few weeks ago.

& Art.


Photo 1: A portrait I painted of Robert Alan “Stubby” Stetina (1956-2017), who passed suddenly this last summer, and is missed very much.

Photo 2, 3, & 4: A work in progress. I spent some time over the summer helping my grandfather restore his original painting on the Gimli boardwalk.

Stay tuned for more content. I’m working on a few projects over the next year that involve these two topics, so if you love or just kinda like either animals or art, you might enjoy it.