I decided last week spring was officially here. I put on my flip flops, grabbed my boyfriend and my dog, and off we went. It was our first big outing of the year, and it was Maggie’s first time to the Bridge Drive In (BDI).

Now, I wish I prepared more for this, because I ended up meeting a man who just adopted a dog from Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue (MMDR). My boyfriend and I ended up talking to him for a good twenty minutes. It’s hard to take photos and interview someone with a dog on one hand and an ice cream cone in the other. I hadn’t expected a interview, I wanted to document the experience, but when in Rome.

The dog he adopted is named Clover (she used to be Irish but he and his wife changed her name). Clover had just had puppies, all of which were rescued by MMDR.


Photo Source. The Sapphire Hair Lounge.

She was very quiet and very sweet. A giant glob of drool was hanging off her mouth. I’m guessing it was from watching an endless line of people with desserts walking by her while we talked. My boyfriend and her owner went on to talk about sports. He was from St Louis, and coincidentally my boyfriend’s favourite MLB team is the Cardinals. They had lots to say, but I just payed attention to the dogs.

Maggie and Irish sniffed and rubbed heads. Maggie is usually pretty hyper, but I think being in an unknown place quieted her down. One thing I noticed about Clover was that her tail was shaved. Now, you can see in the picture above, she’s a chow. A chow usually has a large bushy tail. When MMDR rescued her, her tail was so matted they had to shave it. It looked a little silly, but I bet it feels much better now that the knots are gone.


I barley got Maggie to sit still for this photo. She was very curious about the bridge. I can’t blame her, the water was so high from all the melting snow. It felt strange being so close to the river water.

Clover’s owner said he walks around that area all the time. It has nice scenery and friendly people. BDI is on 766 Jubilee Ave, Winnipeg, MB, by the way. I recommend you go there and get the brownie flurry. 

After about half an hour the sun was setting and our hands were cold from holding our frozen treats. We said goodbye to Clover and her owner and headed back to the car. Maggie, finally getting used to the new setting, pulled on her leash. A few strangers gave her a quick pat, and she happily accepted them.

The ice cream was good, but I think seeing a dog I knew as abused and abandoned with their new owner was the highlight of my trip. If you want to know more about Clover’s story, you can watch a video here.