I’m saying it now, the future is YouTube.

Not unlike almost everyone I know, I grew up watching television. Over the last five years or so, my consumption of traditional media has slowed, and I’ve turned to the internet for my entertainment. I’ve been following multiple YouTubers for over ten years, and they themselves have predicted the downfall of television. This might be biased because of their job, but maybe it’s just them paying attention to their online community.

YouTube is more accessible. You can watch it on the bus, in your home, at school, in Japan, in Winnipeg. Any where there is internet access, you can be connected with people from around the world. You aren’t confined to the channels you pay for with your Shaw package.

There has been some drama on YouTube over the last year, with demonetization and news channels in particular. But, it has proven itself to be a trusted place for news with channels like Philip DeFranco. The people who watch these channels trust the news they’re hearing because DeFranco as earned the reputation as a trust-worthy source (something I think we all need in these times, am I right?) He’s been on YouTube for almost 11 years.

Many YouTubers are discussing how main stream media (MSM) is attacking YouTube in fear. There is a link to a video discussing the topic below.

There are so many channels I can mention that I’d rather watch than television, but this blog post is only supposed to be 200 words, so I’ll leave it at that.

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