To Mitchell Davis, the Andy Warhol with a better sense of humour, 

I’m Haley Hayward. I don’t know if you’ve noticed me over the last nine years, but I’ve been watching your YouTube videos since 2008. I was there for Zebra Dancing I, II, and III. I was there for User / MCMB and Tigers in Space. I was there for every year you posted on your channel, and I loved every second (of every day) of it. 

The Party Music videos were some of my favourites simply because of my love for music. Then you started LLL Radio on Periscope and I forgot how nice it is to just sit in your room and listen to great songs. Now with Cher This, I’ve been able to keep up with the music you love while being consumed with work at college. I thought I’d share five songs I love with you. I hope you enjoy my playlist as much as I enjoy yours. 

  1. The Beatles – Happiness Is a Warm Gun 
  2. The Velvet Underground – Sweet Jane
  3. The Moody Blues – Seventh Sojourn (This is an entire album because I can’t stop listening to it this week.)
  4. The Raspberries – Go All The Way (Brandon Flowers does a cover of this song, both versions are great)
  5. David Bowie – Lady Stardust

I’m sure you’ve heard some, if not all, of these songs before, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless. Keep up the great work on Livalavalive and all your social media. I look forward to seeing you hitting 1 Million. You’ve come so far and we all love you for it.

I hope this helped spread the love.

Haley Hayward, a loyal Livelavalive fan.