Everybody knows that dogs can’t eat chocolate, but are there any other foods you shouldn’t feed to your pet? Yes. Are there any substitutes for these foods that are safe for your pets? Yes.


One thing you might not realize is that dogs can’t eat sugar free gum. Now, you might be thinking “when is my god ever going to be eating sugar free gum?” Do you have a pack in your purse? Is there a pack sitting in your room that you haven’t thought about in months? Is there any chance your dog could go into that purse or that room and sniff it out for a snack? You’d be surprised how easy it is for a dog to get into something they’re not supposed to.


Cinnamon is a spice, and that’s exactly why you shouldn’t feed it to your dog. Cinnamon can harm the inside of your dogs mouth. Just like some people can’t handle spicy dishes, dogs really can’t handle spicy dishes.  So along with cinnamon, don’t let your dog lick your plate clean after you enjoy a spicy meal.

Ice Cream

Sure, it’s cute to watch a dog eat one of those puppuccinos from Starbucks, but you really shouldn’t be giving your dog dairy. Dogs have a hard time digesting dairy, so ice cream, and any other foods jam packed with lactose, are hard on your pet’s stomach. Don’t switch out the dairy for dairy-free milk either. A lot of nuts (like almonds in almond milk) are harmful to your pets as well. Almond milk isn’t the answer. You want to see your dog enjoy a cool treat in the summer? Try and freeze chicken broth in ice cube trays and give them one to chew while outside in the backyard. I make these for my dogs all the time in the summer and they love it. It keeps them cool and I don’t have to worry about it hurting their digestive system.

Grapes and Raisins

This one is actually a little unknown. Veterinarians know that grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in your pets, but they don’t really know why. This fruit is just a good one to stay away from. If you want to give your dog fruit, apples are a really great choice. Just make sure to take the seeds out and you’re good to go. I also freeze pieces of apple for a nice summer time treat for my pups.


Onions, along with garlic and chives, are very hard on your dog’s digestive tract. They can also damage its red blood cells. I don’t see why someone would ever feed their dog onions other than if they were giving them scraps from a dish they were already eating, but even that small bite isn’t a good idea.

When my dogs come and put their heads in my lap while I’m eating its hard to resist giving them a bite. I have to remind myself not to give into those begging puppy eyes. If your dog is looking for a treat and you can’t help but give it to them, carrots are the perfect choice. Carrots are low in calories and help clean your dogs teeth. I feed my dogs carrots every day and they love them any time of the year.