Reading Week for me has been a vacation filled with sleep. With only a few days left I figured I’d pull myself out of bed and make a blog post, but keep its contents light. This week I have decided to give you all a list of songs. Not just any songs will be on this list, they will be dog songs.

Now I love a good pun, but if you’re sick and tired of hearing about songs like “Who Let The Dogs Out” and “Hungry Like The Wolf” fear no more, they won’t be on this list.

Yes I listen to all of these songs. No, none of them were released before 1980, and no, I’m not sorry about it. Let’s get into it.


Dog Song 1:

The Beatles – Martha My Dear

According to Paul McCartney, who cowrote the song with John Lennon in 1968, wrote it after his sheepdog named Martha, but his sheepdog was named after a woman he knew.

I could only find a rare version of this song for free on YouTube, but you’ll get the gist of it. Listen to it here.

Dog Song 2:

Led Zeppelin – Black Dog

According to, if you listen to the lyrics you’ll notice the words “Black Dog” aren’t said in the song at all. The name of the song actually came from a (surprise surprise) black dog that would wander out of the surrounding woods and up to a mansion the band was staying at when they wrote the song in 1971. The mansion was in Hampshire, England.

Listen to it here.

Dog Song 3:

The Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog

The background behind this song is a little risqué. It was written in 1969 by David Alexander, Ronald Asheton, Scott Asheton and Iggy Pop. Now, if you know Iggy Pop, then you won’t surprised at the true meaning of the song. According to, Iggy is singing about how he wants to be “used” by a woman, and I’ll just leave it at that. If you want to know more about it I’ll let you dive into the interesting whirlwind that is Iggy Pop.

Listen to it here.

Dog Song 4:

The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds

Now, this isn’t one song, it’s a full album. I advise listening  to the entire album front to back, but if you had to pick just one song that went with the theme of this blog post then I’d suggest Caroline, No.

Caroline, No was written by Brian Wilson with the help of Tony Asher in 1966. According to, the lyrics come from personal experiences that both Wilson and Asher had with past lovers. The dog concept comes at the end of the song when sounds of dogs and trains being heard. Wilson brought his two dogs Banana and Louie into the studio and recorded their barks. The train sounds were obviously sound effects but if he could bring a real train into the studio I’m sure he would have.

Listen to Caroline, No here.

Listen to the full album here.