As I’ve been working on my IPP I’ve noticed there are so many different things a dog can do for humans. One thing that I think most students have seen is Dog Therapy. I know Red River College and the University Of Winnipeg have both had Dog Therapy services come to their locations and set up an area for students to come and meet the dogs. My own dog, Maggie, has taken part in one of these session at the University of Winnipeg. I know the basics about this type of therapy, but I want to know more.

I am going to talk about a dog therapy documentary video called A Day in the Life of Fraser : A Pet Therapy Dog. It is free to watch on YouTube, here is the link if anyone wants to watch it themselves.

Now it’s pretty short, but it gives a decent idea of what a therapy helps people with. They are useful for people of all ages. Fraser helps with with both mental and physical disabilities.

One of the sweetest moments of the video is a little boy who is too scared to get examined by the doctor. The doctor then brings in Fraser and performs an “examination” on him first. She checks his ears, and even gets the little boy to check his ears too. She shows the boy that there is nothing to be afraid of, and then the boy lets the doctor look in his ears, and check his breathing.

Fraser goes into the waiting room in a hospital and comforts the stressed family members who are waiting for their loved ones.

The end of the video is very sweet. Fraser is taken home where his vest (uniform) is removed and he goes into his backyard to play. He is just a normal dog who loves to do dog things like run, jump, and play. It is a great way to end the video. Showing that Fraser is just a normal dog gives us some perspective into our own lives. We need to remember to be a human too, and take a step back from our work after a long day and do some of the things we love to do. It’s a great thing people have their dogs registered to be a therapy dog. I believe in dog therapy. When I come home after a long day at school or work I go straight to my dogs for some comfort. Dogs love to love you, that’s what makes them so great.