2017 is upon us and we’re all looking for that special resolution that’ll get us through the first month of the year. The start of a new year always makes me sad. I don’t know if it’s because the hype of Christmas is over, or because reflecting on the last year creates a feeling of nostalgia and melancholy. I need something to get me going, and to get my blood pumping.

The first thing I do on a cold, winter morning when I can hear the sharp whistle of wind blowing outside my window is cry. Just kidding, but not really. I actually do what 98% of the population probably does, which is check my phone. Anything to delay me getting out from under neither the warm covers is what I’m looking for. My favourite thing to do is check Instagram. Whats better than a few tropical vacation photos from friends to make you jealous first thing in the morning?

Once I’m done with my pity party for one, I move onto better photos. To be honest, nothing makes me happier than animals. Considering I haven’t eaten meat in almost ten years, you could say I’m an extreme animal lover. Lately I have been connecting with dogs and their stories. I want to give you, blog reader, three of my favourite Instagram accounts and why their content matters. Buckle up and get ready.

Lets start off light…

Rene-Charles is the sassiest Instagram account I think I’ve ever seen. Described by his owners, who run the account, as a “flawless frenchie.” That’s French Bulldog for anyone who is unsure. The quality of the photos on this account is amazing, but it is the captions that stick out to me. If you’re into fast and witty one liners, please go check this account.

Great photographs…

Peach Solomita is an Italian greyhound that will steal your heart. When I need photo inspiration this is where I go. Her owner, Julian Solomita, is a vlogger on YouTube, which is where you can find Peach in action. On Instagram, she is captured as a smiling goof-ball that loves the camera. The way these pictures are taken makes me want to sit my two dogs down for their own photo shoot. I will be taking some pointers from Julien and his technique for my own upcoming projects.

A great dog rescue…

Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue describes itself as “100% volunteer run and rescue dogs from across Manitoba that are abandoned, abused or surrendered at no fault of their own.” I have personally seen them take in and save hundreds of dogs. Both of my own dogs are from this organization, and I have been volunteering for Manitoba Mutts for over two years. There is a story attached to each dog that comes in, they all come from somewhere before they reach us. If you want to know more about this organization, or just dogs in general, keep following my blog.

As much as the weather lately has made me want to hide away in a pile of blankets I can’t help but get out of bed. I’m excited for what I’m going to create this year on this blog, in my personal life, and at Red River College. Here’s to the start of a new blog, and a new semester of Creative Communications.