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Say Yes To The Dress, But Only If You Like Bridal Shows

I don’t watch bridal shows. I’ve never been the type. I’m a 21 year old woman who isn’t married but hopes to be someday. I’m not the girl who has dreamt about her wedding day the moment she got her first crush, but I respect people who are because they know what they want. I’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid in a wedding for the first time that is set for next year. I’m very excited and I figure that I could maybe learn something that could be useful from this show. So here’s my review of Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta, a show I never watch.

The show airs on TLC and begins with the dress consultants explaining “bridal mind reading” to their staff. The consultants believe they know what the bride wants before she knows it. this could be true because they are professionals. Let’s wait and see what happens. The consultants have to direct the bride. If one style of dress isn’t working, they need to try something else. Its their job to read the emotions of the bride and her party. There are two brides per episode. Each one gets a background story segment where the audience learns about her wedding struggles and wants for her wedding day. One bride wants a huge dress, filled with sparkles. The other bride doesn’t care and is actually having her husband pick it out for her. They show definitely plays up the drama of the show, and who can blame them. That is what makes this show entertaining. The brides go through an emotional battle with themselves and family members. The family’s opinion can make or break the final decision. Also, brides usually end up spending more than they expect to on dresses. The show does a great job of playing up problems and how the bride and the consultants overcome these problems. Surprise, surprise, the brides find the dress they want at the end of the episode and they say Yes. Who doesn’t love a good sunset ending?