Should Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! have been arrested?

After my research on the Dakota Access pipeline I can definitely feel for the protestors and where they are coming from. If they are standing up for what they believe in and doing so peacefully, then they should be able to protest the pipeline. As for Amy Goodman reporting on the issue, here is what I think:

A great way to describe Goodman’s arrest is said in an article here, Lizzy Ratner says that the riot charges against Goodman are “a clear sign of charge-shopping”. The second charge against Goodman for supposedly starting a riot was bogus as well, and was proven so by a judge. Despite this, I can see where the pipeline is coming from. Do I agree with arresting innocent people? No, but the pipeline workers don’t want the protestors there and they’re trying to do all they can to keep than away. I’m assuming that’s why Goodman was charged for trespassing in the first place. The pipeline probably thought if the protestors saw Goodman get arrested it would scare them away and end the protest.

In a video attached to an article here, Goodman is shown with her lawyer having a peaceful conversation in front of a large crowd with police behind them. This took place on Monday, October 17. She and her lawyer are shown trying to keep the group of protestors quiet and calm, which helps in her case of proving even further the unlikelihood of her ever having started a riot at the pipeline.

It’s too bad only the big celebrity names and faces of an issue are the ones who face the biggest consequences. Amy Goodman and Shailene Woodley, another celebrity who was arrested while protesting the pipeline, are just standing up for a cause that they believe in. The one good thing that came out of this situation is that now many more people are aware of the problems surrounding the Dakota Access pipeline because it has been covered by multiple news outlets since the arrests. I am one of those people who only know about this issue because people like Amy Goodman and Shailene Woodley were arrested.

I think she shouldn’t have been arrested considering the facts don’t line up with her actually committing the crime. She was trespassing but so were many others. If one person was being charged for trespassing, then all of them should have been arrested for trespassing.