Blog Challenge #1: Write a 275-word fictional story about a person who wakes up one day to find all media has vanished. Use only active sentences of a maximum of seven words. Include a photo to accompany your story. 

Some Things Don’t Need Fixing

Sam woke up. He rolled over.

What was that noise? He thought while realizing the silence. His television was off. He always keeps it on all night. He climbs out of bed. He walks toward the monitor, he squints.

“The power is on.” Sam says. “But where is the picture?”

He presses the power button, no change.

I’ll call the cable company. He reaches toward his cellphone. Sam stares at the black screen. It’s still plugged in. It can’t be dead. Just another thing I have to fix. Sam thought.

He walks down the hallway. He reaches his kitchen. The radio is sitting on the counter. He switches it on, and static is heard. He tinkers with the nobs, no change. He crosses his arms in frustration. They feel empty without his cellphone.

As he opens the fridge, she comes.

“Morning Maggie.” He says to his aging dog. She eagerly searches for her toy. She sniffs, pawing under the fridge. He gets on his knees and reaches. He grabs the ball and pulls. Maggie barks.

“Let’s go outside.” He says.

The morning sun is warming. He can feel it on his back. A quiet lull sits over his neighbourhood. He can’t believe it’s been so long.

“When was the last time we played?” He asks Maggie. “Did I forget about you?” He throws the ball, Maggie runs. She looks so happy, but eventually tires. She lays down on the dewy grass. He sighs and looks to the sky. He remembers the broken items. They still need repairs. I’ll leave it. He thinks. I have all I need right here.